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Criminal Defense

HanSheng boasts a criminal defense team made up of veterans of criminal laws. We are good at analyzing a case from the perspective of law, management and finance, taking law, political and human nature into consideration and taking advantage of wisdom, tactics and expertise. A case itself and matters beyond both are the focus of us. Protecting our clients’ criminal and economic interests is our final goal, which means we will try our best to protect our clients and their assets while actively striving for impeccability, misdemeanor or probation.
We have handled a number of criminal cases of noticeable influence in China. HanSheng is experienced in complex and significant cases and good at finding the break-through points.

Practice areas related to criminal defense include:
· Crime of corruption and bribery
· Crime of misappropriation
· Crime of fraud in obtaining loans
· Crime of fraud in bills
· Crime of credit card fraud
· Crime of fraud in insurances
· Crime of conducting insider trading
· Crime of illegal operation of businesses
· Crime of illegal Fund Raising
· Commercial Bribery
· Crime of IRP infringement
· Crime of dereliction of duty
· Crime of distorting the law to arbitrate
· Crime of misappropriation by abusing office
· Crime of causing a major accident of safety
· Crime of falsely issuing tax deduction invoice
· Crime of smuggling
· Crimes of serious physical injury such as murder, robbery and explosion
· Crime of organizing, leading, or participating in an organization with a nature of criminal syndicate