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  • Mr. Puwen Song is a senior partner of HanSheng Law Office. Successful practices mainly include labor and employment, antitrust and Competition, merger and liquidation shareholder disputes, commercial dispute resolution, other relevant legal affairs, etc.
    Mr. Song graduated from the Economic Law Department of East China University of Political Science and Law. He has worked in Shanghai Labor Dispute Arbitration Institution for 6 years and has been a full-time lawyer for more than 10 years. He has in-depth research in labor law and labor law derivative fields. Specialize in
    - assisting companies in conducting due diligence, designing and implementing work plans for mergers and acquisitions and liquidation, and cooperating with the completion of relocation, layoffs, asset restructuring and other personnel placement projects;
    - combining labor employment and anti-unfair competition compliance governance to assist companies in establishing and improving rules and regulations, and creating a good internal and external competition environment for enterprises;
    - using litigation as a starting point and negotiation as a means to efficiently resolve shareholder disputes.
    In addition, Mr. Song served as legal counsel for more than ten large-scale Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises, providing clients with comprehensive and personalized legal services. He has extensive experience in corporate commercial dispute resolution.

Practice performance:

  • 1. Provided an employee placement plan in a major asset reorganization of a listed company;
    2. Assisted a state-owned enterprise in the relocation of employment.
    3. Represented a well-known Japanese-funded inspection company to close the liquidation case.
    4. Acted for a foreign-invested lighting company’s corporate structure adjustment case.
    5. Represented a foreign-owned home improvement company in a dispute over the termination of a labor contract involving false reimbursement and misappropriation of funds with multiple employees.
    6. Represented a global confectionery company in a job transfer with substandard employees, dismissal of labor contract disputes and employee corruption compliance cases.
    7. Represented a consulting company in a dispute over competition restriction with senior executives.
    8. Represented a global chemical company in a trade secret infringement case.
    9. Acted as an agent for Shanghai Food Research Institute’s magazine copyright dispute case.
    10. Acted as an agent for a large-scale machinery and equipment company's product identification confusion case.


  • East China University of Political Science and Law, Economic Law, Bachelor of laws

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